Backbone custom builds builder


Build your custom backbone experience with grunt.

Install this grunt plugin next to your project's [grunt.js gruntfile][getting_started] with: npm install grunt-backbonebuilder

Then add this line to your project's grunt.js gruntfile.


Load the grunt-backbonebuilder task as described in 'Getting started' and add your backbone builder configuration to your grunt file:

Example backbonebuilder grunt file config entry:

// ... grunt file contents 
    backbone: {
      // the parts you want to include in your build 
      // possible values ['Model', 'Collection', 'View', 'Events', 'Router'] 
      include: ['Model', 'Collection', 'View', 'Events'],
      // output location (relative to your grunt.js file location) 
      dest: 'build/backbone.custom.js',
      // if you want to use a different backbone version than the build in one (0.9.2) 
      // then just a reference to your UNMINIFIED backbone version 
      src: 'vendor/mySpecialBackboneVersion.js'
// ... even more grunt file contents 
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Copyright (c) 2012 asciidisco Licensed under the MIT license.