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grunt-attention Build Status

Display attention-grabbing messages in the terminal.

server started

Getting Started

This plugin recommends Grunt 0.4.1 or newer.


npm install grunt-attention --save-dev

Once that's done, add this line to your project's Gruntfile.js:


grunt-attention Options

  attention: {
    connect: {
      options: {
        message: 'Server started: ' +
'http://<%= connect.hostname %>:<%= connect.port %>/'),
        borderColor: 'bgBlue'
    s3: {
      options: {
        message:'Files have been pushed to S3.') +
            '\n\n' +
  '<%= s3.count %> files uploaded successfully in <%= s3.timer %> seconds.'),
        border: 'double',
        borderColor: 'bgGreen'      }
// Load the task 

files pushed


message required

Text to display.

border optional

Border style.

Included styles: thin, double, stacked, comment.

Single character repeated: Provide a single character and it will repeat it as the border such as ! or *.

New style: Provide a 9-character string for all sides. See lib/borders.js for examples.

borderColor optional

Color for the border.

Choices are: black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white, gray, bgBlack, bgRed, bgGreen, bgYellow, bgBlue, bgMagenta, bgCyan, bgWhite, bgGray.

Currently you can't set both the foreground and the background, that will be resolved in a future release.

More examples



Run grunt test to lint and run the tests.

Release History

  • 0.0.1 - Oct 7, 2013 - First release!
  • 0.0.2 - Oct 7, 2013 - Added examples to the doc, fixed a typo.
  • 0.0.3 - Oct 26, 2013 - Fixed main in the package.json.
  • 0.0.4 - Apr 11, 2014 - Move main to the lib
  • 1.0.0 - Sep 9, 2014 - Avoid error if a message is longer than will fit in a single line and has no spaces.