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What is it?

XMPP bot that receives your messages and runs appropriate Grunt tasks on a remote server.

Lolwut? Why? WHY, GOD, WHY?

Well, when you write your code it's totally RRRRRAGE!!11one when every 5 minutes some SEO monkeys or designers or whoever says "Yo, git pull that shit" or "Hey, I misstyped one letter in my fucking CSS, update it right NAO!" and you forced to open SSH session to your fucking remote server and pull that shit and update things, HURR DURR.

Of course, they cannot into SSH, but I hope they can use any XMPP client and remember a couple of Grunt tasks' names to do their shit without you.

I surely hope they can.


$ npm i grumpp

NPM postinstall trigger compiles CoffeeScript files, so make sure you have coffee-script package installed globally. You can recompile CoffeeScript files later with $ grunt coffee.


There is an example of configuration file named settings.example.json.

  "xmpp": {
    "connect": {
      "jid": "",
      "password": "secret",
      "host": ""
  "gruntfiles": {
    "some_project": "/home/www/some_project/Gruntfile.js",
    "another_project": "/home/www/another_project/Gruntfile.js"
  1. Change XMPP account settings such as JID, password and XMPP server.
  2. Add gruntfiles paths to "gruntfiles" hash (keys are project names - see "Usage", values are paths to project's Gruntfile).
  3. Rename the configuration file to settings.{$NODE_ENV}.json, where $NODE_ENV is Node.js environment name (defaults to 'development', so the file name will be settings.development.json)


  • Start: $ grunt start
  • Stop: $ grunt stop
  • Restart: $ grunt restart

Default Grunt task ($ grunt without arguments) recompiles CoffeeScript and restarts application.


To tell the bot to run Grunt task, add him into your Jabber roster (authorize yourself in his roster too) and send a message

some_project doSomething

where some_project is a project name (Remember? The key in "gruntfiles" hash in settings.) and doSomething is a Grunt task name. He will reply to you with process's STDOUT.