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Library for making gRPC-Web requests from a Browser

This library is intended for both JavaScript and TypeScript usage.

Note: This only works if the server supports gRPC-Web

A Golang gRPC-Web middleware and a Golang-based gRPC-Web proxy are available here.


grpc-web-client has peer dependencies of google-protobuf and @types/google-protobuf.

npm install google-protobuf @types/google-protobuf grpc-web-client --save

Example Project

There is an example project available here


  • Use ts-protoc-gen with protoc to generate .js and .d.ts files for your request and response classes. ts-protoc-gen can also generate gRPC service definitions with the service=true argument.
  • Make a request:
import {grpc, BrowserHeaders} from "grpc-web-client";
// Import code-generated data structures.
import {BookService} from "./generated/proto/examplecom/library/book_service_pb_service";
import {QueryBooksRequest, Book, GetBookRequest} from "./generated/proto/examplecom/library/book_service_pb";
const queryBooksRequest = new QueryBooksRequest();
grpc.invoke(BookService.QueryBooks, {
  request: queryBooksRequest,
  host: "",
  onMessage: (message: Book) => {
    console.log("got book: ", message.toObject());
  onEnd: (code: grpc.Code, msg: string | undefined, trailers: BrowserHeaders) => {
    if code == grpc.Code.OK {
      console.log("all ok")
    } else {
      console.log("hit an error", code, msg, trailers);