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    0.15.2 • Public • Published

    A BCHD gRPC client for node.js

    This package provides a gRPC client for connecting to BCHD. SLP support is provided when the full node has SLP index enabled, which is currently under development here.


    $ npm i grpc-bchrpc-node (for web-browser based projects see this version)

    Run Unit Tests

    $ git clone $ npm i $ npm test

    Optional: Rebuild gRPC generated js & d.ts from source (from ./bchrpc.proto)

    1. Install Protobuf Compiler from:
    2. $ npm i
    3. $ npm run build

    Example usage

    In this simple example we create a new client that connects to and calls the getRawTransaction rpc endpoint and prints the result to the console. We use reversedHashOrder: true to automatically reverse the txid endianness because BCHD expects to receive transaction hashes without endianness reversed.

    let grpc = new GrpcClient();
    let txid = "11556da6ee3cb1d14727b3a8f4b37093b6fecd2bc7d577a02b4e98b7be58a7e8";
    let res = await grpc.getRawTransaction({ hash: txid, reversedHashOrder: true });

    See also the test directory for more examples of how to use.


    Some integration tests have been added. Extensive test coverage is not planned currently planned since this library is just a wrapper for BCHD's gRPC interface.

    $ npm test

    Known Public Instances

    Connecting to local BCHD

    To connect to a local BCHD server you will need to utilize a self-signed certificate. Simply start BCHD using rpccert= and rpckey= flags pointing to a location where to save new certificate and private key files.

    Then you can connect using the following GrpcClient constructor:

    const grpc = new GrpcClient({ url: "localhost:8335", rootCertPath: "<path to cert>"});


    npm i grpc-bchrpc-node

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