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A node.js module to interface with the GroveStreams API.

Note well: GroveStreams' full API is comprehensive. This module implements only those calls needed by the associated 'indicator' driver in The Thing system. You are welcome to submit pull requests to add more functionality!

For a detailed example in using this API, please take a look at indicator-grovestreams-sensor.js in The Thing System repository for the steward.

Before Starting

You will need a GroveStreams account with at least one organization:

  • If you do not already have a GroveStreams account:

  • Login to your GroveStreams account. If you do not have any associated organizations (workspaces), you'll be asked to create one.

    • Select 'Yes' and follow the directions to create one (by providing a name)
  • Retrieve the 'Secret API Key' by clicking on the padlock icon near the upper-right corner:

    • Select the 'Feed Put API Key (with auto-registration rights)
    • Click on 'View Secret Key'
    • After closing the 'API Secret Key' window, click on 'Edit'and ensure that the API key has permission to:
      • component/*/feed: GET, PUT, POST
      • component: GET, PUT, POST
      • component_folder: GET, PUT, POST
      • org_user: GET
      • unit: GET, PUT, POST
  • Retrieve the 'Organization UID' by clicking on the tools icon to the right of the padlock icon:

    • Select 'View Organization UID'



var GroveStreams = require('grovestreams-api');

Login to cloud

NB: this call requires the GET permission for org_user, component, component_folder, and unit.

var organizationUID = '...'
  , secretAPIKey    = '...'
  , client

client = new GroveStreams.ClientAPI({ clientID     : organizationUID
                                    , clientSecret : secretAPIKey }).login(function(err, users, components, units) {
  if (!!err) return console.log('login error: ' + err.message);

  // examine list of users components, and units
}).on('error', function(err) {
  console.log('background error: ' + err.message);

The non-error parameters given to the login callback contain objects defining the users, components (with streams), and units associated with the identified organization.

Create a component

NB: this call requires the GET and PUT permissions for component.

If the uid property isn/t present, it will be automatically-generated; regardless, it is returned to the callback on success.

// the name property is mandatory
client.addComponent(componentID, properties, function(err, componentUID) {
  if (!!err) return console.log('addComponent error: ' + err.message);

  // record componentUID
  // client.components[componentUID] has all the information on the component

Create a new unit

NB: this call requires the PUT permission for unit.

// the symbol property is mandatory
client.addUnit(componentUID, streamID, properties, function(err, unitUID) {
  if (!!err) return console.log('addUnit error: ' + err.message);

  // client.units[unitUID] has all the information on the measuring unit

Create a new stream in a component

NB: this call requires the GET and POST permissions for component.

// the name, valueType, and unit properties are mandatory
client.addStream(componentUID, streamID, properties, function(err, streamUID) {
  if (!!err) return console.log('addStream error: ' + err.message);

  // client.streams[streamUID] has all the information on the stream
  // furthermore[] includes the new stream

Upload a batch of samples for a stream

NB: this call requires the POST permission for component/*/feed.

var samples = { component: [ { componentUid : componentUID
                             , stream       : [ { streamUid : streamUID
                               // more than ome sample may be present per stream, just fill-in the two arrays
                                                , data      : [ data ]
                                                , time      : [ sampleTime ]

                             // more than ome component may be present per batch...

client.addSamples(samples, function(err, result) {
  if (!!err) return console.log('addSamples error: ' + err.message);

  // result is null

Upload a sample for a stream

NB: this call requires the POST permission for component/*/feed.

client.addSample(componentUID, streamUID, data, sampleTime, function(err, result) {
  if (!!err) return console.log('addSample error: ' + err.message);

  // result is null

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