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    GroupDocs Cloud SDK for JavaScript

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    GroupDocs for Cloud APIs allow developers to seamlessly enhance their web/mobile apps or sites with powerful document collaboration tools, including:

    GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API
    A multi-format document viewer API that allows you to display PDF, Microsoft Word, Excels, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, OpenDocument, CAD and 50+ other common document types from within any web/mobile app or site. The viewer provides cross-platform compatibility, doesn’t require any client installation, works with all HTML5-compliant web-browsers and allows you to display documents in a read-only mode. Learn more».

    GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud API
    Allows you to add comprehensive document annotation functionality to your web/mobile apps or sites. GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud API comes with an embeddable document annotation widget that can be easily customized with your own CSS and integrated into any web page as an iframe. It allows multiple users to annotate the same document simultaneously in real time. Supported file formats include PDF, Microsoft Word, CAD, raster images and many more. Learn more»

    GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud API
    GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud allows you or end users to get essential business documents, such as sales contracts, NDAs, invoices, bills, order quotes, etc., completed on-the-fly, without the need for manual entries. It collects data entered by users via online forms and then automatically incorporates it into document templates in a PDF or Microsoft Word format. For each completed online form, you get a new unique document that looks like the template but includes user-specific data. Learn more»

    GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud API
    GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud is a secure electronic signature API that allows your users to sign documents online from within your web app or site. Using the API, you can build custom document signature workflows or embed an out-of-the box e-signature widget using a simple iframe. End users can then sign business documents in all common file formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, directly from within your app or website. Learn more»

    GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud API
    GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud is a document comparison API that allows end users to compare two versions of a document directly from within your web app or site. The API comes with a customizable Track Changes GUI that can be embedded into any web page using an iframe. It displays differences between compared documents with a redline change tracking view. Supported formats include: PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenDocument, plain text and HTML. Learn more»

    GroupDocs.Conversion for Cloud API
    A universal document conversion api that allows you to convert back and forth between over 50 common document and image formats. To name a few, the API allows you to convert DOC(X) to PDF, DOC(X) to HTML, DOC(X) to TIFF, PDF to DOC(X), PDF to JPEG, XLS to HTML, etc. The API supports conversion between PDF, Microsoft Office, Visio, OpenDocument, HTML, plain text, CAD and raster image formats. Learn more»

    Latest SDK version: 2.6.0.

    Note: Cross domain AJAX is possible thanks to CORS. File Upload is implemented using File API.


    npm i groupdocs-javascript

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