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Grind — Compile your caffienated languages.

Grind is a JavaScript/CoffeeScript build tool created by Paul Straw. To use it, just specify a Grindfile at the root of your project using JSON; something like this:

    "paths": [
    "out": "grind-out.js",
    "uglify": true,
    "hint": true,
    "before": "",
    "after": ""

It will optionally hint and uglify your files, then write the result to whatever file you specify (default grind-out.js). If you have any other commands to run, just specify them in before or after.


Installation is handled with NPM. Just type npm install grind -g and you should be good to go.

Why didn't you just use OtherTool instead of making this?

  • I'm picky, and nothing I've found handles JS/CS compilation like I want it to.
  • It had been too long since I seriously played with Node (Over a year, disgraceful).
  • I needed a nice way to compile my new game engine, Cider.


Grind is licensed under the MIT license. For details, see the COPYING file.