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Before you start using this development framework, make sure you have installed all required software and done all the necessary configuration, see this page.

Building and running

1 Install dependencies

npm install

2 Fast build and watch for dev purposes

npm start

start script also includes live reload and watchers for all the .ts files. TypeScript watchers are also configured for node_modules folder within demo shell and provide live reload for all the component libraries as well.

i18n support

To support a new language you need to create your language file (.json) and add it to i18n/ folder.

        "username" : "Username",
        "input-required-message": "Required",
        "input-min-message": "Your username needs to be at least 4 characters.",
        "login-button": "Login"

Directory structure:

├── i18n/
│   ├── en.json
│   ├── it.json
│   └── fr.json


For detailed changelog, check Releases.