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An ultra customizable datagrid component for React

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Please check out the documentation and examples.

TLDR: Griddle now has a customizable architecture that allows for one-off customizations or reusable plugins. These customization options allow for overriding everything from components, to internal datagrid state management, and more.

To use Griddle:

npm install griddle-react

To run from source:

  1. npm install
  2. npm run storybook


If you run into an issue in Griddle please let us know through the issue tracker. It is incredibly helpful if you create a failing test(s) and/or a storybook story that demonstrates the issue as a pull request and reference this pull request in the issue. To add a storybook story, navigate to /stories/index.js and add a story to the storiesOf('Bug fixes' ...) section.


Please feel free submit any bugs. Any questions should go in the Gitter chat channel or stackoverflow. Pull requests are welcome but if you have an idea please post as an issue first to make sure everyone is on the same-page (and to help avoid duplicate work). If you are looking to help out but don't know where to start, please take a look at approved issues that don't have anyone assigned.

We do most of our initial feature development in the Storybook stories contained in this project. When you run npm run storybook, a web server is setup that quickly provides access to Griddle in various states. All storybook stories are currently in /stories/index.js

We would love any help at all but want to call out the following things:

  • Help maintaining 0.x
  • More tests - we have a number of tests in version 1.0 but not quite where we'd like it to be
  • More plugins

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