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Yet another node library for Gravatar with support for both the photo and profile APIs.

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Although all of the gravitate functions can accept an email, there is still a hash function available for your use. If the input has already been hashed then it will just return the value.

var gravitate = require('gravitate');
var email = '';
var hash = gravitate.hash(email); // "63b91ca4ec19ad79f320eaf5815d75e9" 

ignorePlus - Ignore characters after and including a + sign. Defaults to true.


var hash = '63b91ca4ec19ad79f320eaf5815d75e9';
var imageUrl = gravitate.image.url(hash); // "" 

All functions also accept an email:

var email = '';
var imageUrl = gravitate.image.url(email); // "" 

Image and profile urls are secure by default. You can toggle SSL by setting the secure property in options to true or false.

var email = '';
var imageUrl = gravitate.image.url(email, {secure: false}); // "" 

All of the standard url options are also available either through their full or abbreviated name:

var email = '';
var imageUrl = gravitate.image.url(email, {
  default: 'monsterid',
  r: 'pg'


Profile urls work the same way as image urls and also accept a secure parameter:

var email = '';
var profileUrl = gravitate.profile.url(email); // "" 

Often times you'll want the actual data and not url. You can get the profile data with the following function:

var email = '';
var profileUrl =, function (err, data) {
  if (err) return;
  console.log(data.entry[0]); // {hash: '...', photos: [], ...}