Graphite UDP client for Node.js

Graphite UDP

Graphite UDP client for Node.js

  • UDP for max performance
  • Uses the plaintext Graphite protocol
  • Group values for a configurable interval of time and send 1 request
  • No other modules dependency
npm install graphite-udp
graphiteUdp = require('./graphite-udp').createClient([options])
graphiteUdp.addMetric(metric, value, [callback])

options is an object with the following defaults:

    host: '',
    port: 2003,
    verbose: false,
    interval: 5000, // group metrics for 5s and send only 1 request 
    type: 'udp4'
graphiteUdp = require('./graphite-udp').createClient({verbose:true});
for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
    graphiteUdp.addMetric('my.test.metric', parseInt(Math.random()*100, 10));

Make sure your Carbon is listening for UDP connections on carbon.conf

ENABLE_UDP_LISTENER = True # default for version 0.9.10 of Graphite is False

Licensed under the MIT license.