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graoJS - A full stack MVC NodeJS framework

Today, this project is a scaffolding, based on angularjs, twitter bootstrap, jade, express 3.x, mongoose and mongoose-validator.

If you like this project, put your hands in the code and evaluate somethings

  • Add passport in package.json of skeleton
  • Fix public refs of javascript, css and others. We need support multi domains of APP
  • On schemas, change JSON to FIELDS(it's a literal object)
  • Remove the big injection container by named paramenters. Use modules, it's more natural for nodejs community
  • Remove express encapsulated code and turn on middlewares
  • Add ejs template, jade is very slow
  • Add html template
  • Add react.js
  • Add new depends(social, gallery...)
  • Add modeling -> 80%
  • Add deployer -> 50%
  • Add importer -> 80%
  • Add benchmark -> 50%
  • Update all packages(express 4 or koa ? :))


  • Fork and tell to us :).


Ubuntu like:



graoJS install and run:
  • sudo npm install -g graojs
  • grao generate:app demo
  • node demo/index.js
Other command options
  • grao