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  • Generate png image with centered text, save them to disk or stream them
  • middleware for express (3, 4) to generate png images with centered text

Uses gm package.


  • GraphicsMagick
  • ghostscript

To install those on Mac, assuming you have brew installed:

brew install graphicsmagick
brew install ghostscript

Generate images

var img = new Granitial({
  { width:   50,
    height:  50,
    bgColor: '#aaaaaa',
    fontSize: 14,
    color: '#ffffff'
    // other possible options:
    // font: 'path/to/font'
    // gravity: 'Center' // see
    // translateX: null, // defaults to -width
    // translateY: null, // defaults to -height
    // translateX: null, // defaults to width
    // translateY: null, // defaults to height
img.write(path, function(err) {
// OR
img.getStream(function(err, stream) {
// But you cannot use both at the same time due to a limitation of gm
// so use getStream and a fsStream if you need to stream and save to disk
img.getStream(function(err, stream) {
  if (err) return;
  stream.pipe(otherWriteStream); // otherWriteStream can be a htttp response

You can use aRGB format for colors (supports transparency).

For supported font format, see GraphicsMagick documentation. Default is Arial... at least on my Mac.




app.get('/path/to/granitials/:size?/:text?', granitials.png({
  color: '#ff0000',
  allowQueryString: true

Params are taken from req.params and the config which are merged at run time.

It supports the same params as new Granitial() described above, plus the following:

  • size: expected format: '100x100'. Use either widthand height or size
  • allowQueryString: if true, then query string params are also used as config param. So you can mix route params and query string params in urls like this: `/granitials/200x200/textToInsert?color=%23ff00ff
  • savePath: if specified, it will save the image everytime the route is hit. Good for storing generated images to static folder so the same image is not generated twice. The format of `savePath supports template from lodash and the config is passed to the template. So you can use the following:
// this will crash if <%-width%>x<%-height%>/ folder does not exist
savePath: 'path/to/folder/<%-width%>x<%-height%>/<%- text%>.png'


app.get('/path/to/svg/:size/:text', granitials.svg({
  color: '#ff0000',
  allowQueryString: false

Supported options:

  • fontUrls: JSON object with key = font format (ie. woff2, ttf...), value = url of the font file
  • fontName: font name defined by fontUrls, or font family if fontUrls is not used


  • npm install
  • node examples/middleware.js and follow the instructions in the console
  • node examples/generate.js and check generated images in output/ folder