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A simple, slim, graceful logger for Nodejs


A simple, slim, graceful logger for Nodejs



logger = require('../lib')'Hello''World!')
logger.warn({a: 'a'b: 'b'})
logger.err(-> "This is a function")
logger.warn({a: 'a'b: 'b'})
logger.err(-> "This is a function")
# Other features 
## Output multi lines '''
This is a multi line message:
Hello everyone.
Have a nice day!
## Output required package require('path')
## Output empty message
## Define any colors 
logger.format ' :msg.grey''hello world')
## Use the numeric placeholder 
logger.format ':level :0.grey''hello''world')


Console x 5,367 ops/sec ±2.96% (89 runs sampled)  # console.log
Log x 5,556 ops/sec ±1.76% (93 runs sampled)      # The tiny log module written by tj
Logger x 5,612 ops/sec ±0.95% (96 runs sampled)   # This module
Fastest is Logger,Log,Console


  1. Remove multi-line prefix (v0.3.1) for the sake of efficiency
  2. User can define any color of the message by .(color) format, but it only works after the :(label) expression, e.g. :msg.grey
  3. The :msg flag now support numbers for express the message of the correct index, e.g. :2.grey, and you will get an green 'hello' and a grey 'world' by using'hello', 'world'). Remember, the index start from 0.
  1. User can redefine color and level prefix by set the color and level property of each method.
  1. Add prefix to each line when messages have multi lines.
  1. Write message to process.stdout or process.stderr stream
  2. Use util.format to format object/function/array etc, as the same of console.log
  3. Add setStream and getStream to get/set writable stream of each method
  4. Add error as alias of err, warning as alias of warn
  1. Move exit feature from logger.err to logger.exit
  1. Use meanful tags such as :date, :level, etc...
  2. Remove custom prefix
  3. Use JSON.stringify to output objects