A pluggable statsd backend to aggregate data and periodically forward to other statsd daemons


A pluggable Node.js statsd backend that periodically flushes aggregated data to downstream statsd daemons.

We (Wanelo) blogged about how it works and why we created it.

  • Copy gossip_girl.js into your statsd backends directory

  • Add its config parameters to your statsd config file (see exampleGossipConfig.js)

  • Start the Daemon:

    node stats.js /path/to/config

Cause she quite agreeably listens to everything you say. But then turns around and prattles to anyone who'll listen.

Has nothing to do with the TV show, I swear. No, really.

This is a shameless ripoff of the repeater statsd backend by Theo Schlossnagle.

And thanks to the Etsy team for making such a nifty tool.