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    GoPDX 0.1.20

    GoPDX is a Portland, Oregon Tri-Met bus and light rail arrival tracker


    gopdx [stop number] to display upcoming arrivals for stop

    gopdx -l (or -locate) "123 Fake St., Portland, Oregon" to find nearby stops by address and add them to your favorites file. Please note that gopdx uses the MapQuest geocoding API which works best with regular numerical street addresses, so "NW 5th and Couch" is better written as "500 NW Couch"

    gopdx -n (or -name, -k, -keyword) "kenton max" to search for stops using keywords separated by spaces and add them to your favorites file

    gopdx -f (or -favorites) to display arrivals for stops from your favorites file

    gopdx -c (or -continuous) to run continuously, updating arrivals for favorite stops every 60 seconds

    Version 0.1.20 Release notes:

    • Updated server to fix outage and prevent future outages

    A note about the favorites file:

    The favorites.json file can be edited directly or deleted entirely (if you'd like to start over). It is located where Node installs the gopdx app, typically in /usr/local/lib/node_modules/gopdx/ but this may vary.

    The favorites are stored as JSON data with a single favoriteStops array, like so: {"favoriteStops":[7646,2439,7821]} You may add as many stops as you'd like, but too many can make viewing the arrivals difficult.

    Alternately, you can specify any location and file name for your favorites file by editing the gopdxConfig.js file. gopdxConfig.js is also location in the same folder as the gopdx program. Add the full path including filename to the favoritesPath property in the file. Delete any other favorites.json files on your system to reduce confusion.

    Created by Geoffrey D. Unger


    npm i gopdx

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