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    A simple way to access Google Sheets with named and unnamed ranges

    Breaking changes

    Version v0.3.0 onwards use a different syntax for the require:

    Version v1.0.0 is first release version.

    const { Sheet, Range } = require('google-sheets-simple');

    Please note

    This library is a simplified interface to the Google APIs Node.js Client and currently only uses the Service to Service Authentication method.

    The full API can be found here. This library currently only supports the basic essentials.


    The design behind this module is that you wish to get or put a particular range of cells. It works best with a named range but equally will work with a range described by Sheet1!A1:D15. You can get all the cells in the range or set some of the cells, clearing out the rest of the range.

    All methods return promises.


    npm install google-sheets-simple


    // This assumes you have set the environment variable
    //  GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to point at a service account file
    const { Sheet } = require('google-sheets-simple');
    const sheet = new Sheet(<sheet_id>);
    .then(() => {
      const data = <some two-dimensional array>;<named range>, data);
    .then(() => {
      sheet.get(<another range>);
    .then((array) => {
      // array contains a two-dimensional array of the cell values


    This is simply called with the id of the spreadsheet. The id can be obtained from the URL in a browser. It is the part between /d/ and /edit.

    This library assumes that you have set up GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS correctly and that the service account has access to the spreadsheet. The scope used is

    const { Sheet } = require('google-sheets-simple');
    const sheet = new Sheet(<sheet_id>);


    initialise (or initialize)

    This is required before any other method is called. It sets up the authentication and populates spreadsheet information into the class. It returns a promise and you should wait for the promise to resolve before making any other calls. The promise resolves with the full spreadsheet data from the API. This can usually be ignored.

    await sheet.initialise();


    This should be passed a range. All ranges may be passed either as a named range (Data ⇒ Named ranges) or in the format Sheet1!A1:C20. Please note that when using A1 ranges, the sheet name is currently required, even if there is only one sheet. Using named ranges is highly recommended.

    The second parameter is optional and defaults to ROWS. The alternative is COLUMNS and describes how the data should be retreived. The data returned will be a two-dimensional array.

    data = await sheet.get('named_range', 'ROWS');


    This should be passed a range, as in get() above. The second parameter is the data as a two-dimensional array and the optional third defaults to 'ROWS' (see above).

    If the data does not fill the range given, the remaining rows will be cleared. If ROWS is passed, the cleared space is everything from the last row provided to the bottom of the range. If COLUMNS is provided, each column is cleared from the bottom of the data in that column to the bottom of the range.

    The response is the raw response data from the API.

    await'named_range', dataArray, 'ROWS');


    This should be passed a range, as in get() above. The range will be cleared.

    The response is the raw response data from the API.

    await sheet.clear('Sheet2!A3:J50');


    This should be passed a range, a two-dimensional array is in save() above and a third parameter defaulting to 'ROWS'. The range should describe the top part of a table.

    The data passed will be appended to the table, even though the table extends below the range. It is usual with append() only to pass a single row of data to be appended but please remember that it still needs to be a two-dimensional array.

    await sheet.append('named_range', [ rowDataArray ]);

    Any issues

    Please report any issues or comments at Github issues. PRs and suggestions are very welcome.


    npm i google-sheets-simple

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