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    An unofficial client for reading data from Google Sheets, since googleapis does not come with one.

    Table of contents


    1. Install module

      npm install google-sheets-api
    2. Create a project in Google Developer Console, for example: "Sheets App"

    3. Enable Drive API for project under APIs & auth > APIs

    4. Create service auth credentials for project under APIs & auth > Credentials > Create new Client ID: Service account

    5. Collect the listed service email address

    6. Regenerate and download the P12 key

    7. Convert the .p12 file into .pem format:

      openssl pkcs12 -in *.p12 -nodes -nocerts > sheets.pem

      when prompted for password, it's notasecret

    8. Share the Sheets document to service email address using the Share button

    9. Pick up the Sheets document id from URL or Share dialog. Example:

      # Sheets document browser URL
      # Sheets document id
    10. Put it all together:

      var fs = require('fs');
      var Promise = require('polyfill-promise');
      var Sheets = require('google-sheets-api').Sheets;
      // TODO: Replace these values with yours
      var documentId = 'generated-by-sheets';
      var serviceEmail = '';
      var serviceKey = fs.readFileSync('path/to/your/sheets.pem').toString();
      var sheets = new Sheets({ email: serviceEmail, key: serviceKey });
      .then(function(sheetsInfo) {
        // NOTE: Using first sheet in this example
        var sheetInfo = sheetsInfo[0];
        return Promise.all([
          sheets.getRange(documentId,, 'A1:C3')
      .then(function(sheets) {
        console.log('Sheets metadata:', sheets[0]);
        console.log('Sheets contents:', sheets[1]);
        console.error(err, 'Failed to read Sheets document');
    11. Success!


    Relevant API methods, see code for details and internal ones.

    NOTE: All the methods returns a native (polyfilled when needed) Promise.


    Initialize Sheets client with provided options

    • @param {Object} options All the options
    • @param {String} Service email address
    • @param {String} options.key Service .PEM key contents

    sheets.getSheets(id, sheetId)

    Fetch info from one sheet

    • @param {String} id Sheets document id
    • @param {String} sheetId Worksheet id (use getSheets to fetch them)
    • @return {Promise} A promise that resolves to a list of worksheet info

    sheets.getSheet(id, sheetId)

    Fetch info from one sheet

    • @param {String} id Sheets document id
    • @param {String} sheetId Worksheet id (use getSheets to fetch them)
    • @return {Promise} A promise that resolves to a worksheet info containing id, title, rowCount, colCount

    sheets.getRange(id, sheetId, rangeInfo)

    Retrieve cells data based on given range


      • All below ranges are v4 compatible but full matrix are [SUPPORTED] only for few of them:
      • [SUPPORTED] "Sheet1!A1:B2" refers to the first two cells in the top two rows of Sheet1.
      • [SUPPORTED] "A3:" refres to all cells starts from 'A' column and 3rd row.
      • "Sheet1!A:A" refers to all the cells in the first column of Sheet1.
      • "Sheet1!1:2" refers to all the cells in the first two rows of Sheet1.
      • "Sheet1!A5:A" refers to all the cells of the first column of Sheet 1, from row 5 onward.
      • [SUPPORTED]"Sheet1" refers to all the cells in Sheet1.
      • "'My Custom Sheet'!A:A" refers to all the cells in a sheet named "My Custom Sheet."
    • Single quotes are required for sheet names with spaces, special characters, or an alphanumeric combination.
    • @param {String} id Sheet document id
    • @param {String} sheetId Sheet id
    • @param {Mixed} rangeInfo Range info
    • @return {Array} Rows containing cells

    sheets.getCells(id, sheetId)

    Fetch cell contents from one worksheet

    • @param {String} id Sheets document id
    • @param {String} sheetId Worksheet id (use getSheets to fetch them)
    • @return {Promise} A promise that resolves to a list of rows


    Get total count of rows and columns in a data array

    • @param {Array} data Title, name of the sheet
    • @return {Array} Total count of rows and columns


    Generate a empty matrix from startRow,startCol

    • @param {number} totalRow no of total rows in raw v4 data
    • @param {number} totalCol no of total cols in raw v4 data
    • @param {number} startRow start row number
    • @param {number} startCol start col number
    • @return {Array<[{row: number, column: string, content: string}]>} A full empty matrix

    sheets.paddedDataMatrix(data, rangePattern)

    Creates a full, padded data matrix

    • if the range is like 'A3:' or 'B1:C2' and there are missing
    • cells (no content) this function adds them there (unlike other functions),
    • thus you'll always have full matrix like B1:C2 -->
    • [ [ { row: 1, column: "B", content: "B1" }, { row: 1, column: "C", content: "C1" }, ], [ { row: 2, column: "B", content: "" }, { row: 2, column: "C", content: "C2" }, ], ]
    • or in either case it will return raw v4 response like, A:B --> [[A1, B1], ['', B2]]
    • @param {Array} data Sheet document id
    • @param {String} rangePattern Range info
    • @return {Array<[]>} A full data matrix


    • 1.0.0: Google sheet API migration from v3 to v4
    • 0.4.3: Fixed JWT auth issue with recent Google API
    • 0.4.2: Updated dependencies / fixed vulnerabilities
    • 0.4.1: Fixed the double letter range issue, like: A1:AA5
    • 0.4.0: Added support for setting auth scope (makes module usable with other Google APIs as well)
    • 0.3.0: Using native promises if available, added rowCount and colCount to getSheet() response
    • 0.2.3: Improved documentation
    • 0.2.2: Fixed the issue the range with double digits, like A1:C10
    • 0.2.1: Fixed the documentation
    • 0.2.0: Added support for getRange()
    • 0.1.0: Initial release


    Module is MIT -licensed


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    npm i google-sheets-api

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