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    Google API Wrapper

    A simpler way to work with Google Sheets and Google Drive files. 😊

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    Simple Wrapper around Google Sheets & Drive APIs. It installs googleapis as dependency. It also allows easy access to underlying googleapis objects.


    npm install google-api-wrapper

    This will add googleapis as dependency.

    Basic Usage

    const Google = require('google-api-wrapper');
    async function main() {
      const Sheet = Google.getSheet();
      const rows = await Sheet.read('1nZqgw5otHxvg7by-qnYmjkyNdHAPQYgduv7Tbf5aKlw');


    If you already have auth object


    Or, set credential file followed by token


    Or, set them directly from json objects


    Or, exchange token provided from OAuth

    let token = await Google.exchangeCode(code);

    Or, set refresh token


    Google Sheets

    Reading Sheet

    Sheet object maintains an internal sheetId and range.

    const Sheet = Google.getSheet();
    await Sheet.read(id, range = 'Sheet1');

    It two-dimensional array of rows and column values of sheet data. Alternatively, you can set id and range separately.

    Sheet.set(id, range)
    await Sheet.read();

    To assume first column as header and read documents:

    await Sheet.readDocs(id, range = 'Sheet1');
    await Sheet.readDocs(sheet_name, range, { byName: false, slugify: true });

    Returns an array of objects by using first row as field names. "slugify" will convert field names to snake case (eg: "Min. Qty" to "min_qty")

    Writing (Appending) to Sheet

    const Sheet = Google.getSheet();
    Sheet.set(id, range); // range defaults to 'Sheet1', if not provided
    await Sheet.clear(); // clears the range / sheet tab
    await Sheet.write(row1);
    await Sheet.write(row2);
    await Sheet.endWrite();

    Batches up multiple rows and then appends at once at interval of 500 rows, or when endWrite() is called. You must make a final call to endWrite to

    Overwriting to Sheet

    const Sheet = Google.getSheet();
    const rows = await Sheet.read(sheetId, 'Sheet1');
    rows[0][0] = 'Updated!';
    await Sheet.overwrite(rows);

    Overwrite rows at last set Sheet Id and Range. (set by read operation in previous example)

    Creating Sheet

    const Sheet = Google.getSheet();
    await Sheet.create(name);
    await Sheet.write([ 'hello', 'there' ]);
    await Sheet.create(name, folderId);

    Google Drive

    Get File Info by Id

    const Drive = Google.getDrive();
    const file = Drive.byId(fileId);

    It returns a file object with { id, name, mimeType } attributes.

    Get File Info by Name

    Drive.byName(name, type = null, folderId = null);


    const Drive = Google.getDrive();
    let file;
    file = Drive.byName('My Document');
    file = Drive.byName('example.csv', 'type/csv', parentFolderId);
    file = Drive.byName('Example', null, parentFolderId);

    It returns a file object with { id, name, mimeType } attributes.

    List Files in a Folder


    Example: to list all files under a folder named "My Folder"

    const Drive = Google.getDrive();
    const folder = Drive.byName('My Folder');
    const files = Drive.list(folder.id);

    It returns an array of file objects with { id, name, mimeType } attributes.

    Reading File (Raw)

    const Drive = Google.getDrive();
    await Drive.readFile(id);

    Returns string of file content.

    Copy File

    const Drive = Google.getDrive();
    await Drive.copy(fileId, newName);

    Move File

    const Drive = Google.getDrive();
    await Drive.move(fileId, folderId);

    Upload File

    const Drive = Google.getDrive();
    const file = await Drive.create(name, mimeType, body, parentFolderId);

    Create Folder

    const file = await Drive.create(name, 'folder');

    See mime-type mappings below for simplified mime type inputs.

    To create a sub-folder under another parent folder, provide null body and parent folder id.

    const file = await Drive.create(subFolderName, 'folder', null, parentFolderId);


    Mime Type Mappings

    Quick mimetype mappings:

    Input Mime Type Translated Mime Type
    'folder' 'application/vnd.google-apps.folder'
    'doc' 'application/vnd.google-apps.document'
    'document' 'application/vnd.google-apps.document'
    'sheet' 'application/vnd.google-apps.spreadsheet'
    'spreadsheet' 'application/vnd.google-apps.spreadsheet'

    Accessing underlying Google API

    Drive object holds reference to Google API's drive object as a property 'drive', which you can use to call the methods of Google Drive API.

    For example, to list comments on a document named 'My Document', follow below

    const Google = require('google-api-wrapper');
    const Drive = Google.getDrive();
    const file = Drive.byName('My Document');
    // Below is call to underlying Google Drive API's method directly
    const comments = Drive.drive.comments.list({ fileId: file.id });

    Similarly, Google Sheet object is stored as 'sheet' property of wrapper's sheet object. methods on Sheet.sheet can be made as per Google Sheet API.

    const Google = require('google-api-wrapper');
    const Sheet = Google.getSheet();
    // Calls underlying Google Sheet API


    To test the package,

    1. Create / download credentails.json file from Google Console.
    2. After OAuth2, capture the token returned in token.json file.
    3. Create .env file with path to these two files as below
    # .env file
    1. run npm test


    npm i google-api-wrapper

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