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The goodies package adds to the prototype of javascripts native objects. It adds a few methods that are very handy to have, and not implemented in node.

Added methods


Returns a new object that is created from the calling object, and the object passed in. If both objects have the same property, the property from the object being passed wins, unless both properties are type object, in which case that object is recursively merged.


This method only works on sorted arrays. It removes duplicate properties on the array. Works in place.


This method only works on sorted arrays. It performs binary search on the array and searches for value and returns the index of value if found, or -1 if not found.


Returns the unix time of the date (seconds since Jan 1, 1970).


Sets the date based on the unix time passed in.

To use

Install with npm install goodies

To use goodies, just add require('goodies') to any js file you run in node.