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Simple transform streams useful in creating good data pipelines.

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good-squeeze is a collection of small transform streams. The Squeeze stream is useful for filtering events based on the good event options. The SafeJson stream is useful for stringifying objects to prevent circular object errors.


Squeeze(events, [options])

Creates a new Squeeze transform stream where:

  • events an object where each key is a valid good event and the value is one of the following:
    • string - a tag to include when filtering. '*' indicates no filtering.
    • array - array of tags to filter. [] indicates no filtering.
    • object - an object with the following values
      • include - string or array representing tag(s) to include when filtering
      • exclude - string or array representing tag(s) to exclude when filtering. exclude takes precedence over any include tags.
  • [options] configuration object that gets passed to the Node Stream.Transform constructor. Note objectMode is always true for all Squeeze objects.

The transform stream only passes on events that satisfy the event filtering based on event name and tags. If the upstream event doesn't satisfy the filter, it is not continued down the pipe line.


A static method on Squeeze that creates a new event subscription map where:

  • events the same arguments used in the Squeeze constructor.
const Squeeze = require('good-squeeze');
Squeeze.subscription({ log: 'user', ops: '*', request: ['hapi', 'foo'] });
// Results in
// {
//  log: { include: [ 'user' ], exclude: [] },
//  ops: { include: [], exclude: [] },
//  request: { include: [ 'hapi', 'foo' ], exclude: [] } 
// }
Squeeze.subscription({ log: 'user', ops: { exclude: 'debug' }, request: { include: ['hapi', 'foo'], exclude: 'sensitive' } });
// Results in
// {
//  log: { include: [ 'user' ], exclude: [] },
//  ops: { include: [], exclude: [ 'debug' ] },
//  request: { include: [ 'hapi', 'foo' ], exclude: [ 'sensitive' ] }
// }

Useful for creating an event subscription to be used with Squeeze.filter if you do not plan on creating a pipeline coming from good and instead want to manage event filtering manually.

Squeeze.filter(subscription, data)

Returns true if the supplied data.event + data.tags should be reported based on subscription where:

  • subscription - a subscription map created by Squeeze.subscription().
  • data - event object emitted from good/hapi which should contain the following keys:
    • event - a string representing the event name of data
    • tags - an array of strings representing tags associated with this event.

SafeJson([options], [stringify])

Creates a new SafeJson transform stream where:

  • [options] configuration object that gets passed to the Node Stream.Transform constructor. Note objectMode is always true for all Squeeze objects.
  • [stringify] configuration object for controlling how stringify is handled.
    • separator - string to append to each message. Defaults to "\n".
    • space - number of spaces in pretty printed JSON. Doesn't pretty print when set to 0. Defaults to 0.

The transform stream stringifys the incoming data and pipes it forward. It will not crash in the cases of circular references and will instead include a "~Circular" string in the result.


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