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ElasticSearch producer for godot.

It uses @jesusabdullah's godot-producer.

How to use

var godot = require( "godot" );
var ElasticSearchProducer = require( "godot-elasticsearch" );
    type: "udp",
    producers: [
        new ElasticSearchProducer({
            host: "",
            service: "elasticsearch/health",
            ttl: 10*15,

            esHost: "localhost:9200" // ElasticSearch host

).connect( 1337, "localhost" );

What type of events does ElasticSearchProducer emit?

  • elasticsearch/health/healtcheck (if cluster isnt available this event contains critical state, otherwise it's ok)
  • elasticsearch/health/healtcheck/number_of_nodes
  • elasticsearch/health/healtcheck/number_of_data_nodes
  • elasticsearch/health/healtcheck/active_primary_shards
  • elasticsearch/health/healtcheck/active_shards
  • elasticsearch/health/healtcheck/relocating_shards
  • elasticsearch/health/healtcheck/initializing_shards
  • elasticsearch/health/healtcheck/data.unassigned_shards

Are you lazy? Don't you wanna roll your on client?

This module also installs godot-elasticsearch binary.

run npm install -g godot-elasticsearch && godot-elasticsearch -h localhost:9200 -g udp://localhost:1337 and watch the events \o/


Run your godot client or godot-elasticsearch command with one of the following DEBUG envs:

  • DEBUG="godot:elasticsearch*": shows debug output both of the godot producer and the cli
  • DEBUG="godot:elasticsearch:producer": shows debug output of the godot producer
  • DEBUG="godot:elasticsearch:cli": show debug output of the cli