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Convert ES6 modules to AMD and CommonJS with gobble and esperanto.


First, you need to have gobble installed - see the gobble readme for details. Then,

npm i -D gobble-esperanto



var gobble = require( 'gobble' );
module.exports = gobble( 'js' ).map( 'esperanto', options );

The options object can have the following properties:

  • type (string) - 'amd', 'cjs' or 'umd'. Default to 'amd'
  • name (string) - name to use for UMD exports (required if type is umd)
  • useFilename (boolean) - if name is not supplied for UMD exports and this is true, the UMD name will be set to the filename without the extension
  • strict (boolean) - whether to use strict mode
  • sourceMap (true or 'inline') - whether to create a sourcemap


MIT. Copyright 2014 Rich Harris