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Concatenate CSS using rework and the rework-imports plugin.


First, you need to have gobble installed - see the gobble readme for details. Then, simply reference 'concat-css' in a transform, and gobble will take care of getting the plugin installed.


You can use this transform in two modes.

  1. The first finds all of the css files available in the gobble nodes that it is handed and concatenates them. This is fine if you have a bunch of unrelated styesheets that you just want globbed together.
  2. If some of the stylesheets are interrelated (via @import) or you need to control the order in which they are concatenated, you can create an entry file that references all of the files you need and specify it as an entry point.

If no entry option is specified, then the first mode will be used.


  • sourcemap - boolean - defaults to true - whether or not to generate sourcemaps - alias sourceMap to match other plugin convention
  • dest - string - defaults to 'bundle.css' - the name of the file to output
  • debug - boolean - console.log each url that is adjusted
  • entry - string - name of the file from which to start - if not specified an entry @importing all available css files will be created for you
gobble('path-with-css').transform('concat-css', { dest: 'assets/bundle.css' });


Copyright (c) 2014 Chris Reeves. Released under an MIT license.