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    GMusic Organizer

    A node.js playlist organizer for google play music running in a terminal. Powered by blessed and playmusic.



    The dependency tree contains native node.js modules. Parts of them need to be compiled during installation.

    Compilation requires a C++ toolchain (compiler/linker) on your machine. See node-gyp for installation instructions.

    Ubuntu 16.04

    sudo apt-get install libasound-dev

    sudo npm install -g gmusic-organizer

    Mac OS

    sudo npm install -g gmusic-organizer


    After installation restart your terminal window. Start with gmusic-organizer.

    When starting the first time, you need to enter your google credentials.

    If the login step fails, you might need to:

    After a successful authentication, a master token is created and stored in ~/.gmusic-organizer/credentials.


    Hit h to get a list of available controls.

     h             help (show this window) 
     F5            refresh
     q             quit
     /             search for track in current view
     t             tag a track
     f             filter all tracks view by tag
     i             show track info
    Built in player
     p             play songs 
     s             stop playing 
     P             pause playing 
     R             resume playing
    Playlist management
     n             create new playlist 
     del/backspace delete playlist
     d             download playlist to disk (into ~/gmusic)
    Playlist manipulation
     C-c           copy song to clipboard 
     C-x           cut song to clipboard 
     C-v           paste song into playlist
     del/backspace remove song from playlist


    The core idea of the gmusic-organizer is organizing songs and creating playlists by tags. Songs can be tagged with the t shortcut key.

    Currently it is not possible to change the list of avilable tags with the gmusic-organizer. However the tags are defined in this file: ~/.gmusic-organizer/tags. Edit this file to add/remove tags.

    Original file content:

      "tags": {
        "lang": [
        "genre": [
      "playlistPrefix": "zz [tag] "

    Tags per song are stored in tag playlists. So song tags are shared across multiple devices.

    These tag playlists are hidden in gmusic-organizer. However they will be visible on other gmusic clients (e.g. your smartphone). They are identified by a special playlistPrefix. I picked zz [tag] for the moment so that these playlist show up at the end of my smartphone device.


    Each session creates a logfile at ~/.gmusic-organizer/log.txt. Inspect this file if you experience any problems.


    npm i gmusic-organizer

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