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Gluestick package is a dependency which is being added to your project to handle most of gluestick functionalities. Commands are available through bin directory from your node_modules or proxied via gluestick's command line interface.

Exposed commands

  • gluestick new <YOUR_APPLICATION_NAME> - generate new project
  • gluestick generate <ENTITY_TYPE> <ENTITY_NAME> - generates a new entity from given template
  • gluestick destroy <ENTITY_TYPE> <ENTITY_NAME> - remove entity created by generate command
  • gluestick start - starts a gluestick project
  • gluestick build - create an production asset build
  • gluestick bin <DEPENDENCY_NAME> -- <DEPENDENCY_ARGS> - Execute binary dependenciy
  • gluestick dockerize - create docker image (requires docker installed on your machine)
  • gluestick start-client - starts client separately (part of gluestick start command)
  • gluestick start-server - starts server separately (part of gluestick start command)
  • gluestick test - run projects test suite

Detailed description on all commands is available here