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WebGL Network Graphs for React

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Reagraph is a high-performance network graph visualization built in WebGL for React.

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🚀 Quick Links

✨ Features

  • WebGL based for high performance
  • Node Sizing based on attribute, page rank, centrality, custom
  • Light and Dark Mode with custom theme ability
  • Path finding between nodes
  • Radial Context Menu
  • Highlight and Selection Hook
  • Dragging Nodes
  • Lasso Selection
  • Expand/Collapse Nodes
  • Customizable Nodes
  • Advanced Label Placement
  • Edge Interpolation
  • Clustering

with the following built in layouts:

  • Force Directed 2D
  • Force Directed 3D
  • Circular 2D
  • Tree Top Down 2D
  • Tree Left Right 2D
  • Tree Top Down 3D
  • Tree Left Right 3D
  • Radial Out 2D
  • Radial Out 3D
  • Hierarchical Top Down 2D
  • Hierarchical Left Right 2D
  • No Overlap 2D
  • Force Atlas 2 2D

📦 Usage

Install the package via NPM:

npm i reagraph --save

Install the package via Yarn:

yarn add reagraph

Import the component into your app and add some nodes and edges:

import React from 'react';
import { GraphCanvas } from 'reagraph';

export default () => (
        id: 'n-1',
        label: '1'
        id: 'n-2',
        label: '2'
        id: '1->2',
        source: 'n-1',
        target: 'n-2',
        label: 'Edge 1-2'

Checkout an example on CodeSandbox.

🔭 Development

If you want to run reagraph locally, its super easy!

  • Clone the repo
  • npm i
  • npm start
  • Browser opens to Storybook page

❤️ Contributors

Thanks to all our contributors!

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