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Optimized for cloud run, this package creates an NGINX based Docker container serving a SPA App with prerendering powered by the public RENDERTRON server(you can change that of course) and some basic caching settings.

How to use ?

1. Install

You can use npm

npm install gke-spa-dockerizer

Doing so should create a Dockerfile and a .dockerignore at the root of your project, feel free to edit the .dockerignore to fit the Docker context you want to send, the NGINX server has some basic caching settings and the public Rendertron server as prerenderer but you can also edit the Dockerfile to fine-tune them.

If you don't feel like using npm, just download the zip tarball from this page, unzip it and copy the Dockerfile and .dockerignore into the root of your project, then edit them at your convenience.

2. Build the image

build the docker image

docker build -t my-spa-app-image --build-arg BUILD_OUTPUT=/path/to/build/output .


Simply docker build -t my-spa-app-image . if the root folder is the same as the site root

3. Run it locally

Run the image locally to test your site

docker run -p 8080:80 -d my-spa-app-image

Then visit localhost:8080 from your browser to make sure it works.

4. Push

Push it to any registry for deployment

5. Notes

  • The container exposes port 80
  • You can change the prerenderer by editing the Dockerfile and providing another Rendertron instance url.

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