A Node.js wrapper for the Git CLI


Gitty is a Node.js wrapper for Git. It's syntax resembles the Git command line syntax, executes common commands, and parses the output into operable objects.

  • Node.js 0.8.x (
  • Git 1.7.x.x (
  • GNU/Linux or Mac OSX
$ npm install gitty

Note: If you encounter an error during installation on Mac OSX, make sure you have the XCode Command Line Tools installed. Gitty depends on pty.js for authenticated operations - which requires GCC compiler.

  1. Go to the App store and download the latest version of Xcode for free.
  2. Install Xcode (the app store actually downloads the "installer" for Xcode)
  3. Start Xcode
  4. Go to Preferences
  5. Go to Downloads
  6. Click on the "install" button after "Command Line Tools"
  7. Reboot

Run the the unit and integration tests with:

$ npm test
var git    = require('gitty');
var myRepo = git('/path/to/repo');

Now you can call this instance of Repository's methods. For example, to execute git log for myRepo, you would do:

myRepo.log(function(errlog) {
    if (err) return console.log('Error:', err);
    // ... 

For now, use the source, Luke. Pretty much everything you'll need is in lib/repository.js and it's very readable. Running the test suite will be of use as well since all public methods are tested and will print to the console.

Since OpenSSH does not read input from stdin for authentication, but rather a psuedo-terminal - Gitty uses pty.js ( to spawn a pseudo-terminal for operations that may require authentication, such as pull, push, and clone.

Credentials are always passed as the last argument before the callback and are optional. Below is an example of an authenticated Repository.push().

myRepo.push('origin', 'master', {
    username: 'username',
    password: 'password'
}, function(errsucc) {
    if (err) return console.log(err);
    // ... 

This format is consistent for all authenticated operations. Keep this in mind if you are extending Gitty with an operation that requires authentication, and be sure to read the pty.js documentation.

Gitty was written by Gordon Hall (
Licensed under LGPLv3 license