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    Globally install GitStrap CLI

    npm install -g gitstrap-cli

    Clone and Setup Upstream and Origin

    gitstrap init <gitstrap-repo> <my-repo> <folder-name>

    This command works as follows:

    • Clones gitstrap-repo(origin) from GitStrap on user local system with same git-branch as that of origin, say master.
    • Sets the upstream(user remote) and origin on user local system respectively.
    • Push to user remote repo.
    • folder-name is optional argument of gitstrap init command.
      • Without folder-name: Clones origin into your current location of directory.
      • With folder-name : Clones origin into the specified location of your directory.

    Sync Update from GitStrap Repo

    gitstrap sync <upstream-branch>

    gitstrap sync command helps to automatedly sync your repo with that of gitstrap repo.

    This command works as follows:

    • Pulls from origin i.e., master (from default git-branch)
    • Merges into user local repo i.e., master (same git-branch as that during clone)
    • upstream-branch is optional argument of gitstrap sync command.
      • This lets you choose between your git-branch for sync.
      • Example: If you want to sync origin's master with your repo's development, include upstream-branch with gitstrap sync command.


    npm i gitstrap-cli

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