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Git Press +

Git Press + is a light weight tool to create the web site of your github project on easist way.

You can build your own site just follow three steps:

Step ONE

If you don't have a (or README.markdown) file on your project, create one.

Step TWO

Create a configure file named gitpress.json on your project.

touch gitpress.json & echo '{}' > gitpress.json
git add gitpress.json
git commit -a -m 'add gitpress configure' & git push origin master


visit your site with http://<repo>.<user>

When you push your files to your project, the new updates will effected in 2 or 3 minutes.

Setup on your webserver

If you want to run gitpress server on your own webserver, it is still so easy:

sudo npm install gitpress
sudo gitpress your_username/your_repo

Then visit: http://localhost:8361