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GitHulk is a developer friendly API client for the Github API. In addition to providing access to Github's official API's it also implements new methods that are either convenience functions or a composition of multiple API calls which will make certain actions easier or more natural.


This module is released in to the npm registry as githulk:

npm install --save githulk


The GitHulk module is exposed as a single function (constructor) and can therefor be required as:

'use strict';
var GitHulk = require('githulk');

To initialise a new GitHulk instance simply construct it using:

var githulk = new GitHulk(/* optional options */);

As you've might have noticed from the function call above, it accepts an optional options object. The following options can be provided:

  • url: The API endpoint of the Github API (with trailing slash).
  • maxdelay: Maximum delay for exponential back off.
  • mindelay: Minimum delay for exponential back off.
  • retries: Amount of retries before finally giving up.
  • factor: Exponential back off factor.
  • cache: A cache for conditional lookups.
  • user: A Github username (see Authorization)
  • password: A Github password (see Authorization)
  • token: A oauth token (see Authorization)


If no options are supplied your API calls will be severely limited by GitHub and a really low rate limiting of 60 API calls per hour will be in place. In order to authorize the GitHulk instance you can provide it with:

  • token: An oauth token for your application.
  • user, password: The user and password of your account (for basic auth).
  • authorization: A predefined authorization header for each request.

In addition to supplying your authorization details through the constructor of the function we also support them through ENV variables. Set the GITHULK_TOKEN or GITHUB_TOKEN variable with your oauth token and we will use that automatically.


All API endpoints follow the same function signature, the order in which they are provided does not matter. The only argument that is optional is the options argument.

  • project: An string that has the username/repo combination.
  • options: An object with additional configuration for the API method.
  • fn: An function which is called with an error first callback pattern.

The following API endpoints are implemented, they are currently implemented on a need to have basis:


  • githulk.repository.contents
  • githulk.repository.readme
  • githulk.repository.raw
  • githulk.repository.moved





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