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Easily build a searchable documentation Single Page Application (SPA) using markdown files in your Github Repo or local Markdown files. Github docs is a lightweight alternative to Gitbooks allowing simple but powerful Markdown generate documentation websites.

Website from Github Repo


  1. Clone Repository: git clone && cd githubdocs
  2. Install dependencies: npm install
  3. Start application: npm start
  4. Go to in your browser


Markdown files

The docs menu and files are built using files from your Github repo set in the config. Files should have the title of the doc in a single markdown hash/# (HTML = H1) tag in the file. This is used to build the slug of the doc and the menu title etc.

See example docs here:


Search is built using Lunr.js. The index is built and stored in memory on startup. When searched from the client the API is called returning any matching docs from the embedded DB. The menu will then display the match docs. When the search term is removed, the full list of docs is returned.


The config file is located here: /config/config.json.

An example config:

    "title": "githubdocs",
    "githubRepoOwner": "mrvautin",
    "githubRepoName": "githubdocs",
    "githubRepoPath": "exampleDocs",
    "updateDocsInterval": 300000,
    "addAnchors": true,
    "menuItems": [
            "menuTitle": "About",
            "menuLink": "/about"
            "menuTitle": "Contact",
            "menuLink": "/contact"
Setting Description
title Sets the value to be displayed at the top of the page
githubRepoOwner Owner/username of the Github repo
githubRepoName Name of the repo holding the Markdown files
githubRepoPath Directory relative to the root of the repo holding the Markdown files
updateDocsInterval Determines the interval (in milliseconds) to poll Github for updates to your Markdown files/docs
addAnchors Transforms H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 info HTML anchor points for easy sharing
menuItems Not sure how useful this is. Set the menu items in the top navigation

Static websites

It's also possible to create a site from local Markdown files rather than using a Github repo.


You can build your website using the following command from the root of your app:

node githubdocs build


You can start your website using the following command from the root of your app:

node githubdocs serve


node server.js


To do this you place your Markdown files into the docs folder and add the Titles and file names to your config.json file.

An example config.json for a static site:

        "title": "Aut procul ursos nondum",
        "file": "docs/Aut procul ursos"
        "title": "dsdsd ursos sdsdds dsdsd",
        "file": "docs/dsdsd ursos sdsdds"
        "title": "Erant ventorum aliter esse pervenientia mutua numquam",
        "file": "docs/Erant ventorum aliter esse pervenientia mutua"
        "title": "Suam aera",
        "file": "docs/Suam"

The title property will be used for the menu, title and slug. The file value is the name and path to the file.


You can also specify your own layout file. The default index.html file is used unless you specify a different file in your config.json.

    "layoutFile": "material.html"

Included is a material.html design template and a Bootstrap template (index.html).


npm i githubdocs

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