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GitHub Open Authentication Module

GitHub OAuth Module for NodeJS

This module gives you the ability to authenticate a user using the GitHub API.

The implementation is not complete. You can't provide scopes and it doesn't handle state right now.

Note: All Examples here are written in CoffeeScript.

npm install github_auth
GitHub = require 'github_auth'
github = new GitHub app_idapp_secret

This is the link your users will click to go to and authorize your app.

link =

The GitHub API calls back your application with a code in the query. You need to just take the code parameter from the query and pass it to the login function.


callback provides token as the parameter.

app.get '/login'(req, res, next) ->
    if req.query && req.query.code
        github.login req.query.code(token) ->
            console.log token
            # Now you have the token. 
            # Save it in your database. 
    else next()



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