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Tiny script which helps you to build better browser extensions for

Why you need this package is a huge web app with millions of visitors every day. To reduce the serve load, some parts are build as a single page app. This means, not every click results in a page reload. This is a big problem for some extension scenarios. uses pjax which fires an event after replacing the requested page with the previous one. GitHub-inject will invoke the provided callback when pjax:end is dispatched and you can reinitialize your extension. For simplicity the callback is also executed on the first script execution.


$ npm install --save github-injection


const gitHubInjection = require('github-injection');
gitHubInjection(() => {
  const el = window.document.getElementsByClassName('header')[0];
  const randomColor = '#' + ((1<<24) * Math.random()|0).toString(16); = randomColor;


Copyright (c) 2015 Stefan Buck. Licensed under the MIT license.