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GitHub Changelog Generator

Create a simple changelog based on closed GitHub issues.


npm install -g github-changelog


See gh-changelog --help for detailed usage.

Usage: gh-changelog [options]


  -h, --help                 output usage information
  -o, --owner <name>         Repository owner name.  If not provided, the
                             "username" option will be used.
  -r, --repo <repo>          Repository name (required).
  -u, --username <name>      Your GitHub username (only required for private
  -p, --password <pass>      Your GitHub password (only required for private
  -f, --file <filename>      Output file.  If the file exists, log will be
                             prepended to it.  Default is to write to stdout.
  -s, --since <iso-date>     Last changelog date.  If the "file" option is
                             used and "since" is not provided, the mtime of
                             the output file will be used.
  -e, --header <header>      Header text.  Default is "Changes since
  -t, --template <path>      Handlebar template to format data.  The default
                             bundled template generates a list of issues in


Create a new file listing issues closed in the my-username/my-repo repository since 2013-06-01.

gh-changelog --owner my-username --repo my-repo --since 2013-06-01 >

Prepend new changes to existing file (lists issues closed since was last modified).

gh-changelog --owner my-username --repo my-repo --file

Generate a changelog for a private repository (requiring username and password to authenticate):

gh-changelog --owner some-repo-owner --repo some-repo --username my-username --password my-password --since 2013-06-01