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    GitDuck is now Duckly!

    We changed the name, but we are still super commited in building the best tools for real-time collaboration.

    Duckly Terminal Sharing

    Duckly is a video call tool built for teams that has direct integration to the IDE and Terminal so you can talk and share your code in real-time. It enables remote developers to work as if they were side by side.

    This is the terminal integration so you can easily share it with your team.

    Your terminal is shared P2P and encrypted, no data touches our servers.

    Check the tutorial.

    Terminal sharing with Duckly


    1. Create a Duckly account here and create a team.
    2. Install the Duckly Terminal sharing:
    $ npm install --global duckly
    1. Link your terminal to your Duckly account:
    $ duckly login

    How to use

    Join a video call on Duckly and in your terminal type to start sharing the current terminal session (read only) to any person that joins the call:

    $ duckly share

    Share with write mode, so anyone in the call can interact with your terminal (be careful):

    $ duckly share -w

    Stop sharing or just leave the video call:

    $ exit

    For more options check:

    $ duckly --help


    • Your code and terminal is only shared P2P between the video call participants.
    • No data touches our servers.
    • You can read more about our security.

    Terms of Service


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