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Easy to use, SEO-friendly, beautiful documentation that lives in your git repo.

How does it work?

It turns markdown files in your /docs folder (or wherever you choose) into rich, interactive documentation. Out of the box you get helpers like syntax highlighting using Prism or Highlight.js, callouts like Tip, highlight and much more. You can even extend GitDocs to support custom components using libraries like React and Vue.

gitdocs is distributed as a package on npm. It is a cli that you can simply install with npm install gitdocs -g. You can run gitdocs serve to preview your docs or gitdocs build to generate a static site wherever you like.


Using npm:

npm i -g gitdocs

Using Yarn:

yarn global add gitdocs

Quick Start

You can create an initialize a new project using the following command. You will be prompted to name the project and provide a link to the repository URL.

gitdocs init

Assuming you have a folder with markdown files at /docs, you can automatically preview your docs site by running:

gitdocs serve

and build your site to any destination with:

gitdocs build --output="docs-dist"
  • The in your repo will be used as the default homepage for your docs
  • docs/docs.json allows you to specify your project settings like the version, name and much more
  • The navigation will automatically be built using your docs folder structure, but you can override this in docs.json to generate your own navigation. See configuration/sidebar for more info.