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Javascript / node.js code to read a single directory from a GitHub or GitLab repository. All the files (not directories) and their contents, are returned in an array or map. Useful if you want to grab a small part of some external repository for your project.

basic usage

var gitdir = require('gitdir');
gitdir(repositoryName, directory, options, callback);

repositoryName combines the user and the repo, and the delimiter is important!

  • for GitHub use JohnDoe/CoolRepository
  • for GitLab, use JohnDoe%2FCoolRepository

e.g. to read the root directory of the Github npm repository,

   gitdir("npm/npm", "", {}, function(err, data) {
      // data contains an array of objects with file information

For GitHub, the file information is similar to what you'd get from Get Contents



  1. Usually only files (not dirs) are included (see options.keepAll below)
  2. A new field, "contents", has the contents of the file.

Example for a single file npm/npm/LICENSE (contents truncated for this example)

   "name": "LICENSE",
   "path": "LICENSE",
   "sha": "0b6c2287459632e4aaf63bd7d53eb9ba054b57ea",
   "size": 9742,
   "url": "",
   "html_url": "",
   "git_url": "",
   "download_url": "",
   "type": "file",
   "_links": {
      "self": "",
      "git": "",
      "html": ""
   "contents": "The npm application\nCopyright (c) npm, Inc. ..."

For GitLab, the information is similar to what you'd get from List repository tree

e.g.{repositoryName}/repository/tree?private_token={options.private_token}&ref={options.branch}, with the addition of a contents and a download_url, which was used to fetch the contents.

e.g. gitlab-com%2Fwww-gitlab-com/LICENCE, you get:

   "id": "e186012554b42685b8e3b9bd52f3658f2d1d215c",
   "name": "LICENCE",
   "type": "blob",
   "path": "LICENCE",
   "mode": "100644",
   "contents": "Copyright (c) GitLab B.V. \n"


Option Default Notes
gitlab, GitLab false false => GitHub
body_key "contents" name of the new key holding the file contents ("body")
blob false GitLab only. Get content from blob blobs/:sha instead of raw file files/:file_path
branch "master" note - not tested much yet...
deleteDownloadURL false delete the download URL from the data, in case in contains a private_token
fileFilter null see below
gitlab_API_root "" change if you have your own GitLab server
github_API_root "" change if you have your own GitHub server
keepAll false keep all results (including directories). Normally only files are kept.
map false if true, return a map (with key = path) instead of array of file information
private_token "" needed if you are fetching a private repository
recur false not yet supported
user_agent "" required for the API call, be polite

options.fileFilter determines which files will be included

  • if missing, include all files, except those ending in ".jar".
  • if a string or Regex, only include matching filePaths.
  • if a user-provided-function, include the file when filter(filePath, fileInfo) returns true. e.g. If you want to use multimatch

Caveats, TODOs

  1. the private_token is a security weakness, and, even worse, may appear in the results.
  • You should probably use the deleteDownloadURL option.
  • Haven't tried it with GitHub cause I don't have any private repos there.
  • For GitLab, you should use a more granular "Personal Access Token" instead.
  1. Branch isn't well tested.
  2. Recursion into directories might be added later.
  3. Not sure about encoding for non-text contents.


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