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    The GitBook command line interface.

    Install this globally and you'll have access to the gitbook command anywhere on your system.

    $ npm install -g gitbook-cli

    Note: The purpose of the gitbook command is to load and run the version of GitBook you have specified in your book (or the latest one), irrespective of its version. The GitBook CLI only support versions >=2.0.0 of GitBook.

    gitbook-cli store GitBook's versions into ~/.gitbook, you can set the GITBOOK_DIR environment variable to use another directory.

    How to install it?

    $ npm install -g gitbook-cli

    How to use it?

    Run GitBook

    Run command gitbook build, gitbook serve (read GitBook documentation for details).

    List all available commands using:

    $ gitbook help

    Specify a specific version

    By default, GitBook CLI will read the gitbook version to use from the book configuration, but you can force a specific version using --gitbook option:

    $ gitbook build ./mybook --gitbook=2.0.1

    and list available commands in this version using:

    $ gitbook help --gitbook=2.0.1

    Manage versions

    List installed versions:

    $ gitbook ls

    List available versions on NPM:

    $ gitbook ls-remote

    Install a specific version:

    $ gitbook fetch 2.1.0
    # or a pre-release
    $ gitbook fetch beta

    Update to the latest version

    $ gitbook update

    Uninstall a specific version

    $ gitbook uninstall 2.0.1

    Use a local folder as a GitBook version (for developement)

    $ gitbook alias ./mygitbook latest




    npm i gitbook-cli

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