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An http/connect/stack layer to serve the contents of a 'git' repository over HTTP.

This module offers the ability to serve the contents of a 'git' repo over HTTP, with the option to retreive files from specific commits or tags if desired.

If a working directory exists in the repo, then it's contents will be served if no commit is explicitly specified. If it's a bare repo, then the HEAD commit will be served when no commit is specified.


The only required argument is the path to a git repository that you would like to serve.

var http = require('http');
var gitProvider = require('gitProvider');

var server = http.createServer(
  gitProvider(process.env.HOME + '/someRepo')

The barebones example above will create a git provider with the default options and will serve the git repo located a "~/someRepo".

So let's assume that "someRepo" simply contains an index.html file and a few commits that modify that file. With the example server above running, we can send simple HTTP requests to retreive the contents of that file, in a few different ways:


The above command gets index.html from the current HEAD commit of the repo (if it's a bare repo), or the file from the git working directory if it's a regular repo.


Now the above command gets index.html from the specified commit: f62de2f138dd241256d1cd0be10d52f671e68d2f.


git tags can also be specified in place of specific commit revisions. Here v1.1.2 would be a git tag to reference index.html from.


gitProvider(repoPath [, options]) -> handler

The gitProvider function only requires a path to a git repo. Optionally, you may pass an options object that recognizes the following properties:

  • mountPoint: The request URL in which this handler will kick in. If the request URL does not begin with the value set here, the the request will be next()'d. (Default /, i.e. will always take effect).

  • indexFile: The name of the index file to serve if a directory name is specified. (Default index.html).