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Get notified when one or more local git repos diverge from the upstream tracking branch.

Divergence happens when there are local commits that aren't pushed, or when there are upstream/remote commits that aren't pulled.

Getting started

$ npm install git-upstream-watch -g

Usage (command line)

  Usage: git-upstream-watch [options] [directories...]
    -h, --help                        output usage information
    -V, --version                     output the version number
    -a, --always                      Always notify about pending changes.
    -i, --check-interval [interval]   Recheck for changes in upstream branch every n seconds. If this option is given, the process will run forever
    -n, --notify-interval [interval]  Don't notify about each repo more often than every n seconds. This option will only have an effect when --check-interval is specified


Watch local clones of node and browserify, check every 30 mins

$ git-upstream-watch node browserify --always --check--interval 1800

Watch all repos found in projects directory

$ git-upstream-watch ~/projects/* --always --watch --interval 1800

Usage (as a library)

require("git-upstream-watch")({checkInterval: 600, notifyInterval: 300})

This will shedule a new upstream check every ten minutes, notifying about changes at most every 5 minutes.

Manually check

var check = require("git-upstream-watch/check");
// Check current directory 
check(process.cwd, function(error, status) {
  // Diverging commits are now found in status.commits