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Get some fun stats on your code slinging activity.


npm -g install git-today


By default git-today will search for commits from the author specified in .gitconfig for commits in the current directory and spit out a report:


Will output:

Git stats for last 1 day in ./:
  17 files modified
  220 line insertions
  682 line deletions
  -462 net lines


-a / --author

Specify a different author. Does not need to be a full match, can just be a partial. (ie. "John" would work for "John Smith")

git-today -a "Some dude"

-b / --branch

Specify a different branch. Branch must exist or git will complain.

git-today -b some-feature

-d / --directories

Runs an aggregate report for multiple directories.

git-today -d ~/Dev/node/kongo,~/Dev/node/agenda
Git stats for last 1 day in all directories specified:
  7 files modified
  11 line insertions
  0 line deletions
  -1 net lines

-m / --multi

Used in conjunction with -d. Specifies to print each report for the directories instead of one aggregate report

git-today -d ~/Dev/node/kongo,~/Dev/node/agenda -m
Git stats for last 1 day in /Users/ryan/Dev/node/kongo:
  0 files modified
  0 line insertions
  0 line deleitions
  0 net lines
Git stats for last 1 day in /Users/ryan/Dev/node/agenda:
  0 files modified
  0 line insertions
  0 line deleitions
  0 net lines

-t / --time

Time duration to search within. By default, 1 day. Takes any humanInterval

git-today -t "5 days"
Git stats for last 5 days in ./:
  40 files modified
  742 line insertions
  167 line deleitions
  575 net lines