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Git CSV Diff

Library generate difference between csv-files based on Git commit hash


Make sure you have node.js (version 4.x.x or higher) installed on your computer.

    npm i git-csv-diff

Usage, generate Diff partially and write result by chunk into streams

const gitCsvDiff = require('git-csv-diff');
    const metaData = {
      fileName: "lang/nl-nl/ddf--entities--region.csv",
      fileModifier: "M",
      datapackage: {
        old: 'datapackage.json file state based on commit From',
        new: 'datapackage.json file state based on commit To'
    const dataDiff = {
      from: 'csv file state based on commit From',
      to: 'csv file state based on commit To',
    const streams = {
      diff: fs.createWriteStream('path-to-output.txt'),
      lang: fs.createWriteStream('path-to-output-for-language.txt')
gitCsvDiff.processUpdated(metaData, dataDiff, streams, function(){