Export a bare git repo as a single tarball file to a given path

Git Archive

Module to take a bare git repo, archive it, and export it as a tarball to a given path


npm install -S git-archive


Say for example you have a repo named apples and you want to export the repo as a tarball named apples.tar.gz in the current directory. The export archive must reference a sha1 hash

var gitArchive = require('git-archive')
var commitHash = 'c3f9bcb782bcfc0216cef5c7f68f6f86cd3bea8a'
var barerepoPath = '/path/to/bare/repo.git'
var outputPath = path.join(__dirname, 'apples.tar.gz')
var data = {
  commit: commitHash,
  outputPath: outputPath,
  repoPath: barerepoPath
gitArchive(data, function(errreply) {
  var error
  if (err) {
    error = new Error('failed to archive git commit in repo and export as a tarball')
    error.source = err
    throw Error // or pass the error to a callback 
  console.log('git archived to tarball at path %s', reply)