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    Create a gist from the command line! Then just use git to update it.

    For more, read the tutorial: Let’s Make a Block.


    npm install -g gistup

    The first time you run gistup, you’ll be prompted to create a GitHub personal access token. You can revoke the token in the future from your GitHub developer settings.


    To upload all files in the current directory to your new gist:


    If you just want to create a gist from a single file, try this instead:

    gistup index.html

    If you specify any options, such as a private gist, you must separate files from options with a double-dash (--) like this:

    gistup --private -- index.html

    If you want to update your gist later, just use git:

    edit index.html
    git commit -m 'Made some awesome changes.'
    git push

    Gistup works with binary files, too!


    • --description, -m - provide an optional description
    • --interactive, -i - request confirmation of every file before adding
    • --exclude, -x - skip files matching pattern; may use wildcards
    • --private, --no-public - make a secret gist
    • --open [url] - specify the URL to open after creating the gist
    • --no-open - don’t open the created gist in your web browser when done
    • --remote - specify the name of the git remote
    • --help - show some help
    • --version - print the current version of gistup

    Gistup comes bundled with two helper programs: gistup-rename and gistup-open. Use gistup-rename "description of gist" to update the description of the gist in the current directory and gistup-open to open it for viewing in your default browser.


    If you see the following error:

    Error: Command failed: Permission denied (publickey).
    fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
    Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.

    You probably need to generate your SSH keys for GitHub. These keys give you permission to git push to your repositories, including Gists.

    If you’re unable to follow the first-time setup to create a personal access token, you can create a new access token by hand. The only required permission is "gist". You can then create a .gistup.json file in your home directory, with the following contents:

      "token": "0123456789012345678901234567890123456789"

    Replace the numbers 0123456789… with your access token and save.


    npm i gistup

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