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    Usage: gistpod [options] [command]
        username <username>         set the GitHub username from which to retrieve gists (config file: ~/.gistpod)
        url <pod>                   look up the latest gist URL for the specified CocoaPod
        pull                        pull the latest data from the GitHub API into your local cache (~/.gistpod-cache)
        update <Podfile> [pods...]  updates the gist refs for the given Pods (or all Pods, if none are specified) in the specified Podfile to the latest revisions
        list                        list known podspec gists
        help [cmd]                  display help for [cmd]
        -h, --help     output usage information
        -V, --version  output the version number

    CLI tool (written in node.js) to facilitate using GitHub gists as temporary CocoaPods podspecs.

    Works with Swift-enabled versions of CocoaPods (gem install cocoapods --pre). In fact, that's pretty much the only reason I made this.

    Given how much of the Swift code out in the wild still has no official podspec (and, for that matter, given all of the one-page microclasses I've found myself writing in Swift), I've been using gists ( pretty frequently to deal with temporary (and rapidly-changing) podspecs during fast development cycles.

    But the problem, as far as I can tell, is that any time you commit a change to a gist, the raw gist URL changes. (I'm not aware of any redirect URL to the actual raw source... is anyone else?). That means that every time you change a podspec, you'll be stuck copying its new gist URL around to all of your Podfiles manually.

    Can NOT be trifling with that. I'd much rather just Cmd-Tab into iTerm and run something... like...

    $ gistpod update
    Podfile updated.

    moar examples

     $ gistpod list
    Pod                      Podspec gist URL
    -------------------      ------------------------------------------------------------------
    # the update command is:
    # $ gistpod update [Podfile directory] [pods to update]
    $ gistpod update . Starscream ReactiveCocoa-Swift
    Podfile updated.
    • gistpod list:

      1. queries your GitHub account for all gists containing at least one podspec file — i.e., matching the pattern *.podspec...
      2. ...and displays the direct, raw URL to the latest revision of each podspec's gist.

      (Note: just to be totally clear, I added the dot-dot-dots. The command gives the full path.)

    • gistpod update:

      1. backs up <project root>/Podfile to ~/.gistpod-backup, ...
      2. reads your Podfile template from <project root>/Podfile.gistpod, and then ...
      3. writes an updated Podfile to <project root>/Podfile. Each pod placeholder (#{Starscream}, etc.) is replaced by its respective URL (from the gistpod list command).

      Now you can pod install your heart out, confident that your jank-ass, ghetto-rigged ("dev") in-house podspecs are all at least referencing the latest commits in your gist account.


    Install with npm

    $ npm install -g gistpod

    Set your GitHub username (one-time):

    $ gistpod username brynbellomy

    Now you can list all of the podspecs that you have stored as gists:

    $ gistpod list

    @@TODO: display a diff if there were any changes

    main usage/workflow

    1. Make a copy of your Podfile called Podfile.gistpod.

    Put it in <project root>, alongside the original:

    $ cp Podfile Podfile.gistpod

    2. Open Podfile.gistpod.

    You will need to change the :podspec => '...' URLs for any of the podspecs that you want to keep automatically synced with your gists account. The entire podspec URL (including quotes) must be replaced with the placeholder #{PodName}.

    In other words, change this:

    platform :osx, '10.10'
    pod 'Starscream', :podspec => ''
    pod 'ReactiveCocoa-Swift', :podspec => '' this:

    platform :osx, '10.10'
    pod 'Starscream', :podspec => #{Starscream} 
    pod 'ReactiveCocoa-Swift', :podspec => #{ReactiveCocoa-Swift} 

    3. Update your local cache of podspec URLs with gistpod pull.

    $ gistpod pull

    @@TODO: display a diff if there were any changes

    4. Run gistpod update to update the URLs in your Podfile.

    This does the inverse of step 3: it finds all of those #{PodPlaceholders} in your Podfile.gistpod and replaces each one with the latest commit URL for its respective podspec.

    $ gistpod update [optional path to Podfile] [optional list of pods to update]

    Any time you run gistpod update, your Podfile is backed up (to ~/.gistpod-backup) and then overwritten with a new Podfile built from its accompanying Podfile.gistpod. The #{PodPlaceholders} will be replaced by URLs pointing at the latest revision of each of your gist podspecs on GitHub.

    other commands

    The gistpod url command returns only the gist URL for a given podspec (and not a byte more or less):

    $ gistpod url Starscream

    This is useful if you're doing any kind of shell scripting, or if you want to (painlessly) copy the URL to the clipboard, or...

    $ gistpod url Starscream | pbcopy


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