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gist API wrapper for editing, creating and retrieving.


node.js module for -- edit, create, and retrieve gists.

gister is a way to create, edit and retrieve gists programatically.

Inside your project's directory

npm install gister
var Gister = require('gister');
var gist = new Gister({
  username: "octocat",
  password: "secret"

// You can call .auth() method to retrieve an OAuth token and store that instead of
// the user's name and password

gister will emit events back at you.

Each event takes a callback as its second parameter.

error       // Errors received from response
gist        // The gist you're retrieving via .get()
edited      // GH Response for edited gists
created     // Response for created gists
token       // OAuth token returned
starred     // GH Response for starred gists
unstarred   // Response when unstarring a gist
is_starred  // Boolean. Checks if a gist is starred or not
deleted     // Response for deleted gists
forked      // Response for forked gists
gist.create({ "my_file.txt": "Hello World" });
gist.edit({ "flip.js": "function flip(f, a, b) { return f(b, a) }");
gist.get(101210, "name of my gist");    // name of your gist is optional. If added only that 'file' will be retrieved.