A noSQL database composed of gists


A noSQL database for Node.js composed of gists. This has a different structure than gistdb and intends to use gist's files functionality as documents.


gistbase relies on a config folder in the root (not stored in the repo) that holds a username and password for basic auth, as well as an access token for oauth. The structure is like so:

|   |
|   |--index.js
|   |
|   |--gistbase.js

Inside config/index.js you will need to export an object with a username, password, and access token like so:

module.exports = {
  username: 'taterbase',
  password: '123Fake',
  access: '1MH34Tga79DdfahPbDzoX'

With mocha installed you should be able to run tests now.

MIT License